Ongoing feminist education, support, & community to help you become a woman who deeply belongs to herself.

This membership is for women who want to get free from good girl & feel empowered to live life on their own terms.

Join me!

The most personally revolutionary thing any of us can do is become women who deeply belong to ourselves. 

Women who are...

Comfortable in our skin. Loyal to our true needs. Connected to our instincts, anger, and agency. Emotionally and financially solid. Unapologetic about being in our fullness. Confident. Resourced. Empowered. 

This is THE LAST thing the patriarchy wants for any of us.

So while many of us have gotten semi-free from good girl, it’s no wonder we don’t have a clear map of HOW to go the distance and become fully sovereign women.

In this membership we’re going to change all this.

Topics we'll cover:

• Patriarchy
• Feminism!
• Good girl conditioning
• Trusting your anger
• Strengthening your voice
• Flexing your agency
• Understanding your needs
• Making clear requests
• Setting boundaries
• Raising your standards
• Building self-confidence
• Creating a life with your true needs at the center
• Healthy relationship skills
• Expanding your idea of love
• RIP society's bullshit like: being chosen, it's your job to make relationships work, etc.
• Authenticity vs attachment
• The male gaze
• Sexuality, on your terms
• Healing codependency
• Trusting your inner knowing
• Prioritizing your $ well-being 
• Owning your power
• Metabolizing the grief that comes with growth
• Becoming a sovereign woman in a world that would prefer you remain a dependent maiden

Each month will have a theme that we'll explore during our two Zoom calls. The first call will focus more on teaching with some Q&A. The second call will have a bit of teaching but focus more on experiential exercises & Q&A to help you integrate what you're learning. Calls will be recorded so you can attend live or watch later. 


• Two 2-hr Zoom calls each month

• A private FB group

A supportive, private place to discuss what we're learning in the Zoom calls, get support from the group & from myself, & share your feminist victories & challenges with a group of like-minded women.

• Monthly journaling prompts & self-reflection exercises

Each month you'll receive a list of thoughtfully curated journaling prompts, self-reflection exercises, & reading suggestions to help you further unpack & explore the topics we're exploring. 

• Deepen your feminist education so you can see, name, & push back on patriarchal influences that undermine your power — within & without.
• Answer the inner call to find out who you genuinely are when you unhook from good girl & make authenticity your top priority.
• Fill yourself up with empowering skills, tools, & insights you can start using right away to RIP the good girl miseducation you received & take deliberate steps towards becoming more sovereign. 
• Feel more mature, confident, & skillful as you create a life with your true needs at the center.
• Participate in a large group of like-minded women who are just as motivated to grow & learn as you are.



• Want 1-1 support or a small group.
• Are in a traditional patriarchal relationship and cultivating your sovereignty will feel destabilizing rather than empowering. 
• Want quick results or "positive vibes." True growth, the kind that can interrupt generations of patriarchal conditioning, takes time and won't always feel great.
• Are uncomfortable with your video on. Having our video on during Zoom calls is grounding & connecting. It's also the only way to ensure someone's ex isn't lurking in on our calls.
• Are in imminent crisis, feel significantly unstable, or are in an abusive relationship. These situations are best supported by therapy. Please get the help you need and when you feel stabilized, you're welcome to consider joining this membership.


The Sovereign Woman is a personal growth and development membership for women of all ages, sexual orientations, races, and relationship statuses who experienced female "good girl" gender socialization while growing up & want to add feminist education, support, and community to their lives. 

TLDR — if you want to cut the cord with the sexist bs that's been weighing you down so you can give birth to the next level of yourself, this is for you!

***This membership is meant to be an empowering addition to your already well-formed emotional, mental, & physical support system, not your only source of support.

Lots of you said you loved the Feminism & Anger 101 workshops we did this summer & wish that was a regular thing. You also love the camaraderie that happens in classes but classes end & you want to keep that energy alive in your life. You want ongoing education that makes you feel empowered & support that helps you apply what you're learning to your life. And, you want access to community with other feminist women.

Queens, I HEARD YOU & decided the best way to tie all of this together is to start a membership focused on the ultimate goal of my work: for each of us to become sovereign women.

I've facilitated a lot of classes in my life but this is a new thing. So if you sign up between 11/24-12/1 you're entering into something new. Not fully formed, but with some great structure already in place that we can build on as we figure out over the first few months what are the most effective things we can do in this membership to help you shed good girl & own your full power.

If you sign up between 11/24-12/1 you'll be getting this party started by being a founding member. This means you will:

• Get to sign up for $27/mo. This is the lowest it will ever be & even when it goes up next year, your rate will stay at $27/mo.
• Play a role in how TSW is shaped. I have some great structure for us to begin with. But your feedback & collaboration will be instrumental in helping me create the best possible experience.
• Get to start enjoying this right away!


• This membership: Continuously meets 2x/mo, covers all kinds of topics aimed at helping you become more sovereign, large group of women, very affordable monthly subscription. 

• Classes: Meet for a set period of time, focus on a specific topic (ie. dating, boundaries), smaller group, much bigger investment.

How is this different than your classes?







Think of my IG like a menu of all the topics we can cover. In TSW we'll explore these same topics in much greater depth — weaving teaching, stories, self-reflection exercises, long-form Q&A, & community connection during class. Also: sharing & support on our FB page plus curated journaling prompts & resource lists sent to you each month.

How is this different than your Instagram?







You're welcome to cancel your membership at anytime which will stop further charges from being made to your card but there are no refunds. 

If this ends up not being a good fit for me, can I get a refund?







No. I'm a coach & this membership will operate within the coaching umbrella, focusing on education & skill building to help you feel empowered & create a life with YOU & your needs at the center. I'm a big fan of therapy though & highly recommend that, if possible, you work with an excellent therapist to help you metabolize & integrate this work into your life in a more personal way. If you're in the US, a great place to find a therapist in your state is Psychology Today.

Is this like therapy?







Yes! I'll open enrollment again in the Spring. But the price will be higher and you won't get to participate in the shaping of this membership in the same way as if you sign up between 11/24-12/1.  

If I don't sign up now, can I sign up later?








• REGISTRATION: Registration will be open for one week, from 11/24-12/1. If you sign up during this window, you'll be joining this membership at the very beginning (& be a founding member!). Not only will you get to start enjoying this experience right away, you'll also get to join at the lowest rate it will ever be ($27/mo) & your subscription will remain at this rate even when it goes up in the future.

• INVESTMENT: $27/month
This is a subscription and your card will be charged on the same day each month from when you sign up. You're welcome to cancel anytime which will stop any further charges from being made, but there are no refunds.

• SCHEDULE: We meet 2x/month on Sundays @ 10a PST for ~2 hours 

December: 12/3 & 12/17 @ 2p PST (*this is the only month we'll meet at 2p rather than 10a)
January: 1/7 & 1/21 @ 10a PST
February: 2/4 & 2/18 @ 12a PST
March: 3/3 & 3/17 @ 10a PST
April: 4/7 & 4/21 @ 10a PST
May: 5/12 & 5/26 @ 10a PST
June: 6/9 & 6/23 @ 10a PST
July: 7/14 & 7/28 @ 10a PST
August: 8/11 & 8/25 @ 10a PST
September: 9/8 & 9/22 @ 10a PST
October: 10/6 & 10/20 @ 10a PST
November: 11/3 & 11/17 @ 10a PST
December: 12/1 & 12/15 @ 10a PST

• STRUCTURE: We'll meet on Zoom. Each month will have a new theme & we'll meet twice each month to explore that theme through a mix of teaching, experiential exercises, & Q&A. Each class will be recorded in full and sent to you along with reflection exercises to help you integrate what we worked on.

• VIDEO ON: This is a video ON group. Not only is it humanizing, connecting, and grounding, it's the only way to make sure that someone's ex isn't lurking in on our calls. If this doesn't work for you and you want to participate, you're welcome to join and watch the recordings later.

• FACEBOOK GROUP: As soon as you sign up you'll be sent a link to join our private FB group. This will be our hub to discuss the topics we're covering, share how this relates to our lives, & give & receive support. 

• PARTY BONUS: While you're in this membership you'll get a discount on individual coaching sessions! 



Registration is now open!

Registration for The Sovereign Woman will be open for ONE WEEK, from now through 12/1. I'll open the doors again in the Spring but if you want to snag the low intro price, now's the time to join!

I'm a feminist life-coach for women. I've worked with women individually and in groups for 20 years. I'm an advocate for women to get free from the codependent, good-girl conditioning that has us looking for security in others. And a guide supporting women to cultivate a solid sense of ground within. 

For nearly a decade I facilitated intuition development classes in SF and LA teaching women how to tune into their knowing and deep-down truth — and have the courage to follow it. Prior to that I facilitated several groups a day for about 5 years as a mental health counselor in treatment centers. I've also facilitated hundreds of art classes, holding space for people to tap into their creativity. 


In recent years, I've been posting daily feminist missives on IG and facilitating a whole collection of classes aimed at helping women understand the patriarchal nonsense they were born into and develop the skills and savvy to get freer from it. The glow ups have been nothing short of amazing and I’m continually inspired as I witness women learn how to access their power and create lives with their true needs at the center.

My goal for The Sovereign Woman is to share the exact same kind of education I offer in my classes, but with a more spacious schedule and an accessible price tag.   

One of the biggest hurdles women face is a lack of education and modeling around what it looks like for a woman to belong to herself. So my hope with this membership, as with all of my classes, is to pass onto you my hard-won wisdom so you can shake off the trappings of good girl sooner, with more ease, and with more support than I did.

If this is the feminist education you need to help you become a sovereign woman — please join me!