Getting Freer From Patriarchy

This 10-month group mixes self-reflection, story telling, group interaction, and a weekly topic to help you better understand and get freer from patriarchal good girl conditioning.

Getting Freer From Patriarchy

a group for growth-oriented women — STARTS SEPTEMBER 2024

But unlike a class where you’re only there to listen — this group will create a space for you to dig into your own experience and share your stories so that we can learn from each other. 

Through story telling, interaction with group members, conversation, support, and unpacking a weekly topic, you'll better understand the patriarchal soup we live in — that YOU live in — and gain insights to create change in yourself so you can feel empowered to show up in your life how you WANT to, not how you’re supposed to. And, you’ll connect with a group of women who are just as interested in dismantling the patriarchy, within and without, as you are.

This 10-month group is for growth-oriented women who want to take the next step in breaking free from good girl conditioning and claim their authentic selves with more confidence and less apology. 


• What patriarchy is & how it shapes nearly every aspect of our lives. 
• How we learned to be "good girls" & the lifetime impact this has on us. 
• How boys learn to "be men" & how this impacts their lives—and ours.
• Good girl's function within patriarchy & why it's so important to resist.  
• Patriarchal dynamics in our families.
• The traditional, dual-dependency relationship template.
• Normalizing relationships that are mutual, fulfilling, mature, and based on shared power.
• De-centering men as the main priority of your life so you can center yourself and your own thriving.
• The immense cost we pay to our authentic selves by being "good.”
• Codependency, over-functioning, emotional labor. 
• The process of coming home to ourselves!!
• Reclaiming & embodying our power, voice, agency, authenticity. 
• Owning our needs, befriending our anger, setting boundaries.
• Exploring what you were taught about your sexuality & reclaiming it for you & on your terms.   
• Society's perpetual-maiden beauty standard. 
• Cultivating a more attuned & embracing relationship with your body.
• The mother wound. Becoming cherishing, unapologetically protective mothers to ourselves.
• Metabolizing how every aspect of our lives change as we strengthen our sense of self.
• Becoming a sovereign woman while living in a patriarchal culture that would prefer you stay a dependent maiden.


"Robin’s voice, expertise, and commitment to studying how women can be freed of patriarchy is life-changing, life-altering. I have immense gratitude to Robin and the work she does to create an accessible space for women to be strong and feel empowered in their authentic selves." - E

"This was more than a course, it was a healing experience. It gave us the agency and voice to speak about ourselves and say things we've never said out loud or even admitted to ourselves before. I can't describe how transformational this space was." - J

"It’s amazing how even on Zoom I feel connected to everyone - this is so rare! I love the genuineness of the women who attend, hearing everyone's stories helps me feel less alone. This class helped me see the ways we’re all affected by patriarchal conditioning and process the impact it has on how I walk in the world." - R

"This class has helped me identify and peel back layers of internalized patriarchy that have kept me in cycles of oppression. It has changed my perception of reality and made me feel more powerful and free. I'm very grateful I signed up for this class and I'd recommend it to those who are ready to be freer." - K

"I enjoy this class because of the energy. It ranges from "I'm curious about this" to "Holy shit, I'm so done with the total BS of patriarchy!” Being in this class makes me feel lighter, more informed, and less isolated." - D

"It's a tough but rewarding journey - very much like the Matrix & taking the red pill. You can't go back! It was painful at first but I became more positive, knowing that I can create boundaries, make different choices, reflect on what I want, and speak up rather than going along with being good." - J

"I enjoyed being in a community of women with diverse backgrounds who are struggling with similar issues I am. It made me feel less alone in my experiences and observations and gave me hope." - K

Getting Freer is my most in-depth and intimate group offering.

Every participant will get significant, ongoing individual attention, feedback, and coaching support from me, while also going on this journey with a group of motivated and encouraging women. 

Many participants say this class created a place for them to say things they had never said to anyone before, or even realized they needed to say, which they found significantly liberating. Participants also say this class offers a space for discovery, growth, and coming into one's power that is entirely unique, especially in a world that so often prefers women to be pleasing and agreeable.

That said, this class, and the journey it will take you on, can be confronting at times. Not because I'm trying to bum you out. But because talking about patriarchy and misogyny — and reflecting on how these systems have shaped your family, relationships, life experience, and identity — stirs up all kinds of emotions. 

But just as this class shines a light on the patriarchal soup you've been swimming in, it also gives you: language to be able to describe your life in a way that finally makes sense, feminist frames to see what you've gone through with more clarity, a supportive space to metabolize your experience, tools to flex your agency with more oomph, and encouragement to speak your truth and create a life that has you at the center. 

If participating in a long-form feminist coaching group will make all the difference in your ability to throw off the disempowering, good girl messages you received and claim your authentic self — I’d love to have you join us!


We'll meet 3X a month for 10 months, going deep on a journey of understanding and getting freer from the ways patriarchy and good girl has been running your life.

The group is capped at ~25 women — large enough for a range of experiences but intimate enough for everyone to speak, truly get to know each other, and receive individual coaching support to help you work through sticky pieces and integrate concepts.

Each week you'll receive a recording of the part of class where I'm speaking (you won't be recorded so you can speak freely) as well as homework to help you metabolize our conversations and apply them to your life. 

And, there will be a private Facebook group to connect with the other participants throughout the week.

Be prepared to feel validated, informed, understood, connected, and most of all — empowered!


"I signed up for Getting Freer From Patriarchy because I felt stagnated in my personal growth & had faith that if anyone could kick my ass into gear, it was going to be Robin. She didn’t disappoint for one moment. I was amazed at the sheer amount of thoughtfully curated educational content and journal prompts in addition to Robin’s trademark blend of ferocity and empathy that she brought to the space. I may be biased, but my cohort included some of the most wonderfully diverse, cool, and like-minded women from all over. When women get together and have the space to talk honestly and safely about their experiences, empowerment is the result. And from the first meeting, Robin created a space where each of us were called forward to speak openly and vulnerably. Through participating in this class, I am less willing to compromise, less compliant, and yet I feel my own internal sense of goodness growing. It has been a delight to see my changes as a result of the patriarchy deconstruction that Robin guides us through. If you find yourself stuck deep in good girl and ready to embrace a life outside of it, this course is absolutely right for you." - E  

"Throughout my time in GFFP, I found myself more joyful, fulfilled, focused on my own goals & successes, & radically vulnerable about my experiences. I have also found myself far less tolerant of bullshit, less patient when I don’t need to be, & less attached to the system that defines goodness as self-deprivation & submission.

IF you resonate with this, gffp may be for you!

• Growth oriented women who want to better understand their own experience within patriarchy (within your family, relationships, & most importantly — in yourself). And, who are curious about other women's experience as well.
• Women who are ready to look at how good girl is instrumental to maintaining patriarchy & why getting freer is such a personally & socially revolutionary thing to do. 
• Women who feel their authentic self calling from the inside and know that participating in an affirming, feminist coaching group will make all the difference in their ability to give birth the next level of themselves and cut the cord with the sexist bs that's been weighing them down.
• Women who want to connect with other women who are just as motivated to get freer from patriarchal good girl conditioning as they are.



• Women who want a traditional class where the teacher speaks and students listen. I break things down plenty, but this is primarily a discussion class where we learn together.
• Women who are in traditional relationships where learning about patriarchal dynamics will feel threatening to the stability of your life, rather than nourishing and empowering. 
• Women who don't have the time, aren't comfortable having their video on during Zoom calls, or who want a kind of feminism that feels light and fun. 
• Women who are in imminent crisis or who want a place to ask others what to do about their own life.

This class is open to growth-oriented women who experienced female "good girl" gender socialization while growing up. One thing I've loved about facilitating this class is the diversity of experiences in the women who sign up - age, race, sexual orientation, married, single, childfree, mother of many, American, European, urban, rural, etc. If this describes you, you're welcome to sign up! 

Is this a space that's welcoming for anyone?







Yes, that's absolutely ok. This class will slowly walk you into the world of feminism, patriarchy, & good girl conditioning - and how to get freer from it! Each week I'll unpack a topic, but mostly this class explores our lived experiences so I bet you know more than you think you do!

I don't know much about patriarchy, but I want to. Is that OK?







Yes. If you email me within the 15 days of the course start date, I'll happily give you a full refund. If you let me know after that, I'll give you a pro-rated refund.

If I end up not liking this class, can I get a refund?







It's ok to miss class here & there! But GFFP's magic comes from the group learning that happens amongst the women so it’s best if you attend. Plus, the video will give you only a small portion of what happens as it's only when I'm talking. GFFP truly is an experiential class & I don’t recommend signing up unless you know you can come to at least 75% of the classes.

Do I need to actually attend the class or can I watch the video after?







GFFP is an intimate, 10-mo class & is the most direct way to work with me after 1-1 coaching. In GFFP you'll get ample opportunity to ask questions, receive individual support, & connect with supportive, like-minded women, all while being walked through an empowering curriculum. My membership covers similar topics but is a large group so there's much less intimacy & access to 1-1 support.

How is GFFP different than your membership?








Getting Freer rocked my world… in a good way. As I heard other women share how the patriarchy affected them I finally began to have awareness around how it affected me. There were so many things that I knew in my soul but had never heard spoken out loud. Robin gave voice to the influence that the patriarchy had on keeping me small and empowered me to begin to push back against so many of the beliefs that had kept me in people pleasing and good girl roles." - J

"I have a new hope & freedom in my soul that Robin's class gave birth to & my life has changed because of it!

I healed parts of me that needed a protector and cultivated so much grace for my younger self. Where I used to harshly blame myself for codependent behaviors, this course helped me let myself off the hook and realize that I have been a product of patriarchal programming meant to impede my differentiated personhood. And the class progressed, I felt a new reality coming into focus as I recalibrated my view and my authentic self shimmered to the surface more and more." - L

"This class helped me find my voice to advocate for myself, hone my discernment in relationships, & develop a commitment to truth telling.

It felt like waking up, seeing the world for what it is, and better understanding my experience in it. I saw how the patriarchy impacted every aspect of my life and the lives of everyone I know. I could also see the "good girl" programming in my own head that had been running my life. After taking the course, I feel stronger and more self-possessed, and I'm making choices with my real best interests at heart." - K

"Getting Freer From Patriarchy changed me as a person.


"It was worth years of solo work!

Robin's class came at the perfect time as I'd been questioning patriarchal norms and good girl conditioning and was ready to take the next step and do some heavier work. I was seeing an excellent feminist therapist, but felt something was missing. I was stuck in a marriage that wasn't working, in that dreaded "Should I stay or go?" limbo, and was spinning my wheels. Robin's guidance, combined with a supportive community of women dedicated to divesting from patriarchy, catapulted my growth — it was worth years of solo work! Being seen & witnessed by other women on their path to liberation that sets the soul free. Especially now, as women's rights are being attacked from every angle, having experienced this class and community has been empowering and truly life changing. I'm so grateful for this experience. More and more, I feel I can take on the world and live the life I was meant to have."

- k

"This course is what I've been missing my whole life.

So many things about my family, mental health, upbringing, and conditioning were addressed in a way that I have always"felt" but had not been acknowledged or validated by the world around me. The most important part of this course was not learned or understood intellectually, but rather the fellowship of women — hearing stories, receiving validation, feeling less alone and fired up when understanding that we all suffered so many of the same wounds. The most powerful part of the course was being able to go deep, unpack parts of my experience, and share in a safe space with like-minded and growth-oriented women. Priceless!"

- J

"Robin is an amazing guide.

She carefully shares her deep knowledge in a way that allows you to assimilate each new concept and she shares relatable stories from her life—she is both wise and authentic. She also guides the discussion and allows the course members to share and learn from each other, which is the most magical part—each person had a slightly different set of life experiences, but combined it felt like we could put the puzzle together. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is frustrated with the misogyny they see in society and wants to root out the "good girl" programming in their own heads, so they can fight back and improve their life." 

- K

"This was an eye-opening & necessary experience for my personal growth.

Robin’s ability to listen to our stories, extract the wisdom in them, relate it to the themes at hand, and relay it back to us in a clear, compassionate and genuine way, was the fresh air and light in the dark as we delved into some extremely real-talk. And out of talk, came action: real-world ways we can move forward in our lives with greater agency and authenticity. This class was an eye-opening and necessary experience for my personal growth and I’m so grateful to Robin and to the women with whom I shared it."

- R

"I had my mind blown over and over again

I thought I knew what feminism and patriarchy were before this course, but honestly I had my mind blown over and over again around these topics! Hearing other women's stories from around the world showed me how ubiquitous Good Girl conditioning is. I witnessed other women up-level their journey and it encouraged and empowered me to dig deeper too. I'm deeply grateful and highly recommend working with Robin."

- L

• TIME: Wednesdays 10a-12:15p PST / 1p-3:15 EST / 6p-8:15 GMT 

2024: Sept 11, 18, 25 / Oct 9, 16, 23 / Nov 6, 13, 20 / Dec 4, 11, 18
2025: Jan 15, 22, 29 / Feb. 12, 19, 26 / Mar 12, 19, 26 / Apr 9, 16, 23 / May 7, 14, 21 / Jun 4, 11, 18

The investment for this 10-month class is $3750. You can pay in 10 payments of $375, 12 payments of $315, or 15 payments of $250. Get 15% off when you pay in full bringing the total to $3190 (use code 15FULL at checkout). 

There are a limited number of sliding scale spots available. Priority is given to women who need a partial discount but full sliding scale spots are available. To apply, send a *concise* email through the contact page on my site sharing: 1) WHY you'd like to attend, 2) WHY you need financial support, 3) THE EXACT amount of financial support you need. Inquiries that don't include these three things won't be considered. I'll get back to you by Sept. 8 at the latest. 

The group is capped at ~25 women — large enough for a diversity of experiences but small enough for it to feel intimate, safe, and connected.

We'll meet 3x a month. You'll receive an email with the class recording and weekly inquiry exercises following each class. There will also be a private Facebook group. On the weeks where we don't have class, I highly recommend that you meet on your own as a group so you can really get to know each other.  

The only part of the class that will be recorded is when I'm speaking. Otherwise class won't be recorded so you can feel safe to speak freely. 

Understanding Patriarchy by bell hooks. (This is a free online PDF and should take you <30 min to read)

While you're in this group, you'll get a discount on individual coaching sessions.


Register here!

Get the replay from my ANGER 101 workshop. It will give you a great taste of how I speak about, and guide women towards, feminist empowerment. Sign up HERE.

I'm a feminist-oriented coach and photographer for women. I've worked with women individually and in groups for 20 years. I'm an advocate for women to get free from the codependent, good-girl conditioning that has us looking for security in others. And a guide supporting women to cultivate a solid sense of ground within. 

For nearly a decade I facilitated intuition development classes in SF and LA teaching women how to tune into their knowing and deep-down truth — and have the courage to follow it. Prior to that I facilitated several groups a day for about 5 years as a mental health counselor in treatment centers. I've also facilitated hundreds of art classes, holding space for people to tap into their creativity. 

This is the class I wish I'd had and I'm thrilled to be sharing this experience with you!