How Much GOOD GIRL Conditioning Did You Inherit? 

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• You need to be who others are comfortable with you being.
• Giving people what they want, rather than living true to yourself, is how you get love.
• Relationships are about one person being "the center" & the other being a nurturing side-kick.
• Prioritizing yourself is selfish.
• Saying no or setting boundaries is mean.
• You can be successful, but your real value & identity will come from being chosen & having kids.
• Your job is to be there for others. Wanting people, & especially partners, to meet you half-way is demanding & asking for too much.
• You can feel anything you want, but not anger.


My entire body of work is about getting freer from these disempowering, patriarchal good girl messages. if any of this resonates with you, i'm so glad you're here!