Date Like a Feminist

We’re going to unpack the sexist, dependency-based, pick me messages you inherited. Reframe dating, relationship, and love through a feminist perspective. And load you up with actionable skills you can start using right away to date and explore relationship in a much more empowered way. 

If you missed this Spring's live class, the new AT HOME version is available now through 6/20!

At home? Yes! You'll watch the class recordings on your own. But you'll also have access to:

• Support from me in 3 Q&A Zoom calls & in the DLAF Facebook group.
• The camaraderie of other women who are going through this process with you.

This is not just an informational class — it's a deep process of unlearning & relearning that hugely benefits from having guidance & community support. So, I've designed it to give you everything you need to succeed so you can truly learn to date like a feminist!

This class is for growth-oriented women who want to feel empowered to make self-honoring choices while dating. 


This is not a class about "How to get a man."
(Though, of course I hope you meet someone who is a fantastic fit for you.)

This is a class about how to be an excellent partner TO YOURSELF when dating so that you can make choices that honor your true needs.

What's wild is women are taught to focus on relationship above all else. Yet we're given very little (if any!) useful guidance on HOW to choose people who are healthy for us. 

We're going to unpack the sexist, dependency-based, pick me messages you inherited. Reframe dating, relationship, and love through a feminist perspective. And load you up with actionable skills you can start using right away to date and explore relationship in a much more empowered way.

IN THIS CLASS we're going to change all that.

• Understand your pattern about who you're attracted to & WHY.
• Review past relationships to better understand the lesson you keep seeking out & how to evolve this.
• Become a solid friend & parent to the young parts of you who crave what's familiar, not what's healthy.
• Feel empowered to know what you want, make choices that honor your true needs, & initiate relationships from a place of self-love.



• What kind of relationship do you want? What are you looking for?
• Clarify: your boundaries, non-negotiables, frosting items, & deal-breakers.
• Wildly evolve your ability to perceive & respond to red flags.
• Attachment theory 101.
• Upgrade your dating etiquette: online dating DM strategy, 1st dates that work for you, following up, etc.
• Scripts for: when they want to see you again & you are’t sure yet, how to ask people out, when they won't stop talking or don't talk at all, how to say you do or don’t want to see them again. 
• Staying rooted in your authentic self so people can actually get to know you, & visa versa.
• Gracefully vetting prospective partners in the first couple of dates, and months. 
• RIP "Does he like me?” & replace it with "Do I like them & is this connection healthy for me?”


• The patriarchal relationship template we’re all born into & how to evolve this... because I know none of you are dating with the intention of getting caught in that dynamic!
• What is love? Exploring this from a feminist perspective.
• Understand the vast difference b/t what women & men are sold about relationship & our roles within it.
• RIP society’s bullshit like: being chosen, the fear of being alone, relationship is a club & you're less than if you’re not in it, the pressure to settle, it’s your job to make relationships work, etc.
• Evolve your socialized desire to be chosen to the need to feel MET.


Because not only are we going to upgrade your dating skills & open your eyes with some illuminating self-reflection, we’re going to unpack the massively disempowering "good girl" patriarchal messages we learned about dating & relationships. Things like:

You need to be who others are comfortable with you being to be loved. Being chosen is how you find fulfillment & identity in life. You'll be lost & lonely without "someone." Love is something you earn by giving to others, not about also being loved. Requiring partners to meet you half-way is asking too much. It’s your job to make relationships work. You're selfish for wanting more. Etc.

These messages make women feel scared and desperate… which is the whole point. I know it’s easier said than done, but we are not doing this anymore. We are cancelling our subscription to being desperate, naive, non-threatening maidens who want to be saved. We are upgrading our whole approach to being women who deeply love ourselves & are looking to be MET. And, most importantly, we are developing the skills to deliver on this! I don’t know of anything more radically feminist each of us can do.

If this is the dating and relationship upgrade you're looking for, please join me for this unique, feminist-oriented dating class!


"Robin’s unique & straight forward delivery is amazing — the class feels like a blend of therapy & talking to a girlfriend in the best possible way. I have spotted so many issues in my mindset that need to shift that I have not seen in 15 years of therapy." - H

"I truly don't know what I was doing in dating before this class. I learned SO MUCH. I feel so much more well-equipped to seek out & pick better partners now! Robin gives you a wonderful blueprint of dating consciously. LOVED this class!!!" - A 

"I'm in the healthiest relationship of my life after taking Robin's Date Like a Feminist class. I'm finally in a dynamic that makes me feel supported as I grow & release the layers of good girl, stepping into the woman I want & deserve to be." - L

"DLAF taught me self-advocacy. How to articulate my needs, values, interests, & desires; how to stand in my power & worthiness vs. swooning over some Joe Schmo who doesn't deserve my time/energy. The Zoom room was one of the most connective online group experiences I've ever had. I recommend DLAF to ANY women, dating or not. - A

"I recommend DLAF to any woman who wants to re-align her mindset about her own self-worth. You'll not only gain a stronger foundation for dating, but you also gain a stronger, more confident YOU to take into your home life, your job, your family system, & your friendships." - M

"When I took DLAF I wasn't dating & really wasn’t interested. I'd made so many dating mistakes, I felt hopeless & frustrated. DLAF taught me so much about myself; it goes way beyond dating alone. I'm so glad I took this class. I feel more mindful about dating & also about other relationships in my life. Robin was the best guide for this journey into myself." - Y

"I learned so much about myself! I learned about my power, my voice, & how to show up for myself. I learned to change my patterns of relationships & to be healthy in myself first so I can then show up in relationships in a healthy way as well. I appreciate this class so much & will continue listening to the recordings to soak it all in even further!" - C

"This class is priceless in terms of the guidance, empowerment, & perspective it offers. It reassured me to be unapologetic & ask for what works for me. It was an introduction to the power of my agency; a long-awaited permission to take up space & revel in my existence as a woman. This isn't an ordinary self-help & coaching class—it's a celebration. A first step toward a true homecoming." - N

• Learn empowered dating skills through a self-reflective, feminist lens.
• Reclaim your power from the pressure to "be chosen” & become the chooser by first choosing yourself.
• Replace disempowering patriarchal, good girl messages you received about love & relationship with feminist perspectives that lift you up. 
• Clarify your true needs, boundaries, & deal breakers so you can meet new people feeling confident about what does & does not work for you. 
• Feel more mature & skillful in how you approach dating & relationship.
• Be in a mutually supportive, non-patriarchal relationship & you sense doing some work to unpack your own internalized patriarchy will help you be ready for this.
• Do this work with a group of women who are just as motivated to grow & evolve their approach to dating & relationship as you are!



• Want something light & easy that will give you a few quick tips to make dating more fun but aren't interested in more substantive change. 
• Feel rushed & stressed about finding someone asap because you're very ill at ease being single.
• Don’t want to self-reflect about your side of the street & believe finding someone who seems better will fix things in your life. 
• Want a traditional patriarchal relationship where you’re the nurturing side-kick to a partner who is the center (polarity teachings describe this as being "in your feminine" so you can find a man who "leads.")
• Want a highly polished class with perfect lighting. This class recording is a direct recording of the last time I offered DLAF live. It's authentic, conversational, down to earth, with occasional glitches & interruptions from my cat. If you want to feel like you're truly taking a class with me, you'll love it. If you want something super polished, this isn't for you.

When you sign up, you'll receive the first class. Three days later you'll receive the 2nd class. From there on, you'll receive a class each week for the next 7 weeks. 

You may want to binge this. But I promise there's a LOT in each class & you'll appreciate having time to let the info integrate.

You'll also have a cohort of women going through this process with you, which is why I'm making it available for just a few weeks so you're all starting at the same time-ish. You can connect with them & the larger DLAF community in our FB group as much or as little as you'd like!

Between 16 hrs of recorded classes, 3 1-hr Q&A Zoom calls with me, ongoing access to coaching support in our FB group, & social support with other like-minded women — 

Your days of feeling confused about how to vet people and wishing someone had taught you how prioritize yourself while dating are about to be over! 


You'll watch the class recordings on your own but have access to coaching support from me in 3 1-hr Q&A calls on Zoom & ongoingly in the DLAF Facebook group!

"DLAF is a foundational master class in how to reclaim yourself.

Women everywhere are affected by the patriarchy system we live in. A lot of things were normalized by our families and communities that should not be normalized in the slightest bit. Here comes the role of DLAF; it's a foundational master class in how to reclaim yourself. Yes, the class is focused on dating but the ripple effects go beyond dating. It's a class that reverses the subtle (and not so subtle) dehumanization of women in different places; be it at home, the workplace, or even in unhealthy friendship dynamics. It's a reminder of our self-worth and agency. A reminder that we are the chooser and have an active role in steering our lives. To hold ourselves accountable and be fierce about maintaining our boundaries. The amount of validation that I got at the end of each class was like a balm to my heart. Robin is wonderful in creating a safe space for women through the class to be completely themselves and offering themes from inner-child work to navigating dating from multiple perspectives that is accommodating and inclusive to different lifestyles and backgrounds. At the end of this class, I was more confident about my needs, how to ask for what I want, and I left was a heart full of warmth and support." - N

This class is for growth-oriented women who want to upgrade their approach to dating & relationship. As for who you're attracted to or what style of relationship you enjoy, that makes no difference as the things you'll learn in this class will apply to relationships of all kinds. If you’re not sure, check out my IG relationship posts & videos. If you vibe with them, you’ll vibe with this class.  

Is this only for straight, monogamous women?







You'll watch the classes at home but have access to coaching support from me in 3 1-hr Q&A Zoom calls & ongoingly in the DLAF Facebook group. You'll also have the camaraderie of the other women doing this class & the larger DLAF community in our FB group. So it's an at home class with solid additional support to help you succeed & truly learn to date like a feminist!

An AT HOME class?







Yes. If you email me within the 48 hours of your purchase, I'll happily give you a full refund. If you let me know after that, I'll offer you a pro-rated refund based on how many of the classes you've received at the time of your email.

If this class ends up not being a good fit for me, can I get a refund?







I get it, things can seem bleak AF after an hour of swiping. 1) You never know what’s around the corner. 2) Whether you meet someone or not, I want YOU to shake off the good girl bs you were taught & become a woman who approaches dating & relationship with more confidence, skill, & savvy... which this class will help you do! 

Is this an exercise in futility or is it actually possible to meet a man I feel met by?








Robin leads the class with wisdom and openness while highlighting the most important tools anyone will need to navigate dating and know more about yourself. The class offered me empowerment through the presence of a community of women from all kinds of backgrounds and it gave me a sense of peace that I am not alone in the challenges I have faced in relationships" - N

"DLAF offered me clarity, a space to connect with my essence & reduce the noise from the conditioning I've been exposed to all my life, & a room to be reintroduced to my authentic self.

I loved attending the Zoom calls and connecting with the other women in the break out rooms and getting to share and ask Robin questions. Robin has a lovely style of teaching — she is knowledgeable on her subject, shares valuable real life experiences, and is an empathic and gifted communicator and teacher." - M

"I thoroughly enjoyed Robin's class. It helped me unpack sticky layers of internalized patriarchy & as a result I feel much safer & better equipped for my future dating life.

Robin is a fierce and steady leader, with tons of insight and wisdom to share. I love that there are so many experiential/application-based practices in this program and love learning in this group space. I have gained so much insight about myself and my patterns in this class. It's been really rich. If you want to learn to date from a rooted place of self-love, this is the class for you." - J

"This is an amazing class to gain greater insight around your relational patterns & behaviors, & learn how to date in a new way that has your best interest at heart.


I want you to feel like you're at the grocery store when you're full—satisfied in yourself & able to make empowering choices that meet your true needs.

The goal

Good girl socialization makes us feel disconnected from our authentic self and teaches us to search for our identity and sense of completeness in other people. This inner deprivation creates dependency that leads us to make self-abandoning choices. But it doesn't have to be like this!

I want you to feel FULL within yourself, able to make discerning choices with ease, and look for people who compliment you, not complete you... you're already complete!

If this is the vibe you want for yourself and you want support to develop the skills to deliver on this, please join me for this unique, feminist-oriented dating class!

• LIVE Q&A calls on Zoom: Saturdays at 10a pst — June 22, July 13, & July 27.  

• INVESTMENT: Pay what you can!
Suggested price: $340-$680. Those of you who are flush, please pay with generosity. All of you who have been thinking about writing me for sliding scale spots, you can now pick what works for you with total ease.

• REFUND POLICY: Try the first class & see what you think! If you love it, great. If not, send me an email ( within 48 hours of your purchase for a full refund. If you email me to cancel after that, I'll send you a pro-rated refund based on how many classes you've received at the time of your email. 

• STRUCTURE: One you sign up, you'll immediately receive the first class. Three days later you'll receive the 2nd class. From there on, you'll receive a class each week for the next 7 weeks. You may want to binge this. But I promise there's a LOT in each class & you'll appreciate having time to let the info integrate. While you're doing this class you'll have access to coaching support from me in 3 1-hr Q&A Zoom calls & ongoingly in the FB group. You'll also have the social support of other like-minded women who are doing this class with you as well as the larger DLAF community in our FB group. 

• DATING APPS? This is not required. But if you're interested in putting what you learn to use so you can get support and feedback, it's worth considering getting on at least 1 dating app while you're in this class. 



If you missed this Spring's live class, the new AT HOME version is available now through 6/20!

"I have so much more confidence out in the dating world!!

When I found Robin’s ad for DLAF on Instagram, I was in an unhealthy dating loop. I felt emotionally and sexually beaten up by trying to force relationships to work with the toxic men I met online. I knew I needed to do something beyond therapy to help me learn how to date smarter. You see, I got married at age 24 so when that 20 yr marriage ended four years ago, I've only dated as a teenager. So I entered into post-divorce online dating having zero understanding of what you do when a red flag pops up, or even what a red flag is. Now, having taken DLAF, I have so much more confidence out in the dating world!! I can’t believe I ever ventured out into the dating world without this knowledge.

- M

"Robin’s class felt like a missing piece in my healing journey.

DLAF brought understanding and language to the frustrating patterns I have experienced over and over in dating and relationships. It feels empowering to now have awareness and understanding of the part I play in these dynamics, as well as tools to help me center myself and continue healing my codependent tendencies. Because of this class, I have a renewed and elevated vision for relationships in my life. It's also been so validating to hear stories that mirror my own. It's felt like lifting the veil on the control paradigm that has shaped our lives, childhood and families. This class has played a big part in helping me forgive myself and move forward.

- S

"This class snapped me out of a lifetime of seductive oppression.

With the trappings of patriarchal approval, my radical feminist younger self had been eroded away year by year until I was truly a dead woman walking, a shell of a human. After leaving a long marriage and terrified of the prospect of online dating, this class was truly transformational. In eight rapid-fire weeks, Robin distilled millennia of patriarchy and (in my case) decades of therapy, into an actionable plan that allows me to begin to even contemplate dating again. This class should be required learning for everyone!"

- C

"Why would any dating woman not want to take DLAF!? It's life-changing!

I had done a lot of work on myself and knew a bit about patriarchy, but was still at a loss about what that means in terms of romantic relationships or what to do about it. DLAF opened my eyes to how patriarchy perpetuates and legitimizes the centering of men at the expense of my own experience. I had been falling into a cycle of parenting men, since that's what I had modeled to me. I now feel empowered and have the tools to create interactions and relationships where I have a fighting chance of putting myself and my needs at the center. I also had a blast and met some fantastic women interested in learning the same too.

- L

I'm a feminist life-coach for women. I've worked with women individually and in groups for 20 years. I'm an advocate for women to get free from the codependent, good-girl conditioning that has us looking for security in others. And a guide supporting women to cultivate a solid sense of ground within. 

For nearly a decade I facilitated intuition development classes in SF and LA teaching women how to tune into their knowing and deep-down truth — and have the courage to follow it. Prior to that I facilitated several groups a day for about 5 years as a mental health counselor in treatment centers. I've also facilitated hundreds of art classes, holding space for people to tap into their creativity. 

In recent years, I’ve been posting daily feminist missives on IG & hosting a whole collection of classes & workshops aimed at helping women recover their authentic personhood & own their power.


My motivation for offering Date Like a Feminist is to pass onto you my hard-won wisdom so that you can strengthen your ability to be a committed partner to yourself while dating sooner & with more ease than I did. 

Real talk: I grew up being told some seriously old-school relationship advice. Things like "You need to become who men want you to be" and "It's your job to help men grow." I knew this was terrible advice. But because it was so deeply modeled and required of me, I spent the first 25 years of my dating career repeating it. Until I didn't. 

I want that "Until I didn't" moment to happen sooner for you. So my intention for this class, and all my offerings, is to be an open book sharing everything I've learned so you can receive the tools, skills, insights, and support you need to approach dating and relationship in a way that works for YOU.

If this is the feminist education and support you need to up your dating game — please join me!